About Roxanne

Roxanne Reese is a US-based freelance copywriter and marketing designer who works with owners of small- to medium-sized businesses. She can help you convey your company’s value proposition in a way that sets appropriate expectations and focuses the right customers’ attention on your product or service.

Let’s talk about your customers for a minute. How well do they understand your business and what it can do for them? Is your marketing collateral focused and concise or does it fail to illustrate the benefits—the WIIFM—of doing business with you?

A big part of my decades-long corporate sales job was making sure my team understood the value of the company’s products and services and, more importantly, could turn that information into impactful customer experiences and improved sales. As a copywriter who produces material designed to inform and pursuade, this skill comes in very handy.

Before branching into sales management, I was a project coordinator in construction installation and, later, furniture design. Being a PC allowed me to stand in the center of hundreds of projects, liaising successfully between designers, engineers, marketers, builders, vendors and clients. I worked with a seemingly unending variety of personalities, biases, and perspectives, which is fantastic experience to bring to your multi-dimensional team. Need a little social proof? Hear from my amazing clients…

My Tools
Photoshop • Illustrator • GIMP • PowerPoint • Word • Excel • Mailchimp • Constant Contact • WordPress • Squarespace • Trello • Wrike • SAP • Epicor • Infusionsoft

What you need to know about working with me:

I see your project as an opportunity to build a relationship between two collaborative thinkers focused on the same goal. I observe. I listen. I recommend. I don’t hard sell.

I believe in your right to privacy. I will never sell, rent, or lend your information to anyone outside of our business relationship, unless it’s absolutely necessary to complete a task (for example, I will need to use your information to create accounts or provide shipping information on your behalf, if doing so is part of our contract).

I believe in deadlines. I’ll deliver on time, every time.

I believe in prompt, responsive communication. If you need me, reach out. I’ll be there.

I believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

The content I write for you will be 100% original. I don’t work with plagiarized material. Ever.

I learn fast, so I can handle almost any project; however, my practical experience is in marketing, real estate, home improvement, self-help, pets, retail, and business. If your project falls into one of those categories, we should talk.


I’d welcome the chance to discuss your project.




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