Copywriting for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Do you need more customers to connect with your brand?

My job as a freelance marketing copywriter is to help you make that happen. I explain what’s going on—what your business does and how it helps your customers—in a way that builds trust, encourages connection, and drives sales.

For instance

If you’re organizing an event or listing a new residential property, you’ll need copy that attracts an audience, enthuses people, and invites engagement.

If you’re leveraging an award or building a social media following, you’ll need copy that spotlights your achievements, celebrates your wins, and strengthens your network.

And every single day, your website and marketing collateral need to inform the public about your business, persuade the right prospects to reach out to you, and convert leads into sales.

All this without creating undue drag on your precious time.

I write

…basically, anything you need to communicate to other people.

And when good copy isn’t enough, I’ll wrap your projects in visual design.

If you’re a real estate agent or small business owner who wants to expand your brand’s footprint without sacrificing the time you spend on things you’re truly good at, we should talk.


OK, let's do this!


  • “I love you! You rock. I didn’t expect you to put that much effort into it, but I sooooo appreciate that you did.”

    ~ Shannon Rose
    Principal and Operating Leader

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  • “Roxanne displayed the utmost professionalism, communication, and creativity. I highly recommend her and have already contracted her for additional projects.”

    ~Toni Faddis, Ed.D.,
    Department of Educational Leadership,
    San Diego State University


  • “In both tone and detail, Roxanne was right on the money. Really appreciated her engagement, positive energy and expertise. I am certain we will be working together again soon.”

    ~ Matthias Smith, Vice President
    and General Manager

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