Mailchimp Newsletters for Small Business Owners and Real Estate Agents

Don’t let customers forget who you are.

The relationships you build with your customers aren’t over when the sales close. Yesterday’s customer can still be the source of your next goal-busting referral, especially if you stay in touch.

And what’s the best way to stay in touch? With a recurring weekly or monthly newsletter filled with relevant, timely content focused on meeting your customers’ needs.

Whether you need to hire a newsletter writer to convey your brand’s message or simply design a series of clean and attractive Mailchimp templates, I can help.

Take a peek at the samples below, then contact me to get your project started.

MailChimp Newsletters (Template Design and Content):

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Mailchimp newsletter for a product offering and discount promotion a Mailchimp newsletter example for a new service announcement

Mailchimp Christmas Templatetop a Holidaytop3

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Real Estate Newsletters (Template Design and Content):

2 Section NewsletterTOP asdf 4 Section NewsletterTOP asdf Newsletters for real estate agents


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Newsletter Copywriting (Content Only):

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