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Thursday Pools: A Social Media Case Study

Thursday Pools is a luxury fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer in Fortville, Indiana

Thursday Pools logo

The brief:

To help Thursday Pools convert its social media accounts into lead generators.

Example of the wrong way to market on social media.The problem:

Thursday Pools’ social media program was dull and ineffective. For years, the company’s social media strategy focused mainly on advertising new blog posts. Captions were largely identical across every platform, and posts rarely included even a single photo of the company’s primary product. Growth was slow, engagement was absent, and worst of all, Thursday Pools’ campaigns generated very few leads.

Needless to say, the company’s directors weren’t happy with the way their social media was performing. Something needed to change.*

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Working with a Freelancer to Get the Results You Want

It can be nerve-wracking to reach out to a new service provider. What kind of person will you be dealing with? What preconceptions will they have? Are they kind? Qualified? Will they listen to – and understand – your needs? Will they increase your confidence or reduce it? Will they stand behind their work? Will they be available when you need them?  Continue reading “Working with a Freelancer to Get the Results You Want”