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Tired of paying for the same old bland content your competitors are pumping out? Sure, it’s cheap, but is it really providing any value to your readers—or your bottom line—or is it just ticking a box?

Instead, why not tailor your content to the tastes of your specific type of client, present your message through the lens of your niche, and let your newsletter guide people toward you (where you can woo them with your ultimate closing skills)?

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Your monthly content is hand-curated and wrapped in conversion-focused copywriting that marries your niche to your prospects’ interests, gently nudging the right people closer to your brand.

It’s locally relevant

Real Estate Mail delivers targeted topics and items of local interest to your specific market base. By leveraging your community’s scheduled events, and hand-curating world-class journalism from media outlets like Forbes, Landlordology, Bigger Pockets and more—then wrapping that content in conversion-focused copywriting—your newsletter will marry your niche to your prospects’ interests, gently nudging the right people closer to your brand.

You’ll be your market’s go-to lifestyle resource.

And it’s all done for you—you won’t have to do anything!

It’s niche-focused

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Custom-crafted blurbs and conversion-focused calls-to-action guide your readers into topics that resonate with their interests and tie into your brand.

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Every issue includes:

  • Niche targeting: Nudge prospects toward your goals with custom copywriting that ties your article ⇒ to your readers’ needs and interests ⇒ to you as the solution provider of choice
  • Quality positioning: Become the community’s premier resource with curated content from the world’s leading paywall-free media sources
  • Visual impact: Outclass your competition with customized themes and hand-selected royalty-free images your readers will love to look at
  • Calls-to-action: Connect with prospects through action-oriented copy and special offers that drive reader engagement
  • Social components: Grow your list with sharing and forwarding buttons that penetrate your prospects’ networks
  • Custom branding: Maintain consistency across your marketing assets: your logo, headshot, and contact information will be embedded in theme colors that match your brand
  • Clickability: Boost your email open rate with custom headlines designed and tested to get your messages opened. Includes custom preview blurbs for supported email clients
  • Segmented distribution: Reach the hottest leads through precision-focused content sent to your existing segmented Mailchimp list
  • Mobile responsiveness: Real Estate Mail uses the Mailchimp platform, so your emails will be easy to read on any device
  • Analytics monitoring and reporting: Learn what your readers engage with and ignore. A monthly analytics brief will keep you in the know and help to keep your content fresh
  • Quarterly and annual trend analysis: Refine your targeting and shape your content with ongoing trend analysis

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The templates are custom

Your subscription includes one reusable template customized to match your branding. You supply the logo, your headshot (if you want to include it in your blasts), and your preferred contact information: the rest is handled for you. (But don’t worry! You’ll have a chance to review and approve every issue before it’s sent to your audience.)

2 Section NewsletterTOP abcd  4 Section NewsletterTOP asdf Newsletters for real estate agents

These templates not your cup of tea? No problem. For a small fee, I’ll design one that fits your style.
*Template layouts may be adjusted to fit your content

You’ll stand out

You’re not buying the same bulk email your competitors are pumping out, you’re getting custom curated content that marries your specific niche and market to your prospects’ needs and interests.

For instance, if your niche is senior move management and you serve both buyers and sellers, your newsletter might focus on senior living, money management, estate planning, open houses, rent vs. own, “Best Places” lists, downsizing, or any of a dozen other topics related to senior living. And if you only focus on sellers in the senior move category? Your content will be niched down to meet the needs of that specific type of seller.

You can set it and forget it

Your newsletters will go out like clockwork every month: there’s no need for you to manage anything. But don’t worry, you’ll have the option to review and approve every newsletter before it goes out, especially in the beginning, and once you’re confident that Real Estate Mail is meeting your needs, you can set it to automatic and turn your attention back to building your core business.

Recommended newsletter topics: tips and advice for buyers, sellers, investors, commercial developers; home improvement projects; how-to guides; renter conversion/rent vs. own; downsizing; upsizing; land acquisition; house flipping; estate planning; senior move management; first-time buying; open house schedules; featured listings; money management; mortgage lending; real estate divorce; company news; real estate news; community news and events; market updates; new restaurant openings; movies and stage plays; any combination of these; anything else that drives customers toward your brand.

How it works: in 3 easy steps

  1. Select your preferred package
  2. Schedule a quick chat to discuss your niche and goals
  3. Send over a Mailchimp user invitation and your logo, headshot, and contact information (recommended Mailchimp user level: author or manager)

That’s it! You’re on your way to having your very own custom-curated, branded newsletter.

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Here’s what one long-term client has to say:

“Roxanne has been writing our monthly events newsletters for the past six months. She’s done a fantastic job of managing each newsletter from start to finish, taking ownership as though each project were her own. Our newsletter is long, it has about 8 sections, and Roxanne takes it upon herself to have a well-thought-out content list ready to go each month before we ask. In fact, she handles nearly every aspect of the project from content curation to custom copywriting to formatting each section in our MailChimp template. She selects the images (getting permissions when they’re needed), adds CTA’s, then delivers a product that’s ready for our creative director to add his final touches before scheduling. Basically, she owns the project completely, freeing us up to focus on our core business. Roxanne quickly proved we can trust her to represent us in the best light. We don’t even need to review or approve the topic list anymore—she just gets it done and we know she’s got our backs!”

~ Bryon Zapf, Executive Director
Marketing and Communications
KW Bay Area Estates

How much does it cost?

Plans start at $165 for a 2-section newsletter, sent to one audience segment monthly. If you’d like to distribute a larger newsletter, or get your message out more often (or to more segments), please reach out for a discounted quote.

Please note: Pricing does not include Mailchimp fees, template redesigns, or other third-party fees.

Payments are accepted by credit card (through PayPal) or by check.


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Reserve your delivery dates

Since Real Estate Mail is a hand-curated product, availability is limited. If you’re interested in being the go-to real estate source in your community, reach out now to discuss your target market and reserve your delivery dates.


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