5 Steps to Beating the Pants Off Your Competition

aka, Are You the Bruce Wayne of Small Business?

If there’s one thing Bruce Wayne does well, it’s differentiate.

The fictional Wayne Enterprises encompasses at least 31 known umbrella entities across an impressive variety of industries. From oil to healthcare, food to construction, and mining to biotech, Bruce Wayne has his hand in everything.

Oh, and he’s also Batman—and this is where he really shines. Continue reading “5 Steps to Beating the Pants Off Your Competition”

How to Write an Effective Bio Using 5 Simple Questions

You’ve just read an impressive bio. It was succinct, smooth, and made you want to do business with that person. Now you realize your own bio needs a rewrite. That was so simple, you think to yourself. I can write a bio like that!

So you sit down to write and…{POW!}…bump right into a wall of writer’s block.

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Working with a Freelancer to Get the Results You Want

It can be nerve-wracking to reach out to a new service provider. What kind of person will you be dealing with? What preconceptions will they have? Are they kind? Qualified? Will they listen to – and understand – your needs? Will they increase your confidence or reduce it? Will they stand behind their work? Will they be available when you need them?  Continue reading “Working with a Freelancer to Get the Results You Want”